Mac Heist – Bundled Software for Less Than $20!

The Mac Heist Website

If your looking for current software for the Mac at a bargain basement price then the Mac Heist website is a great website to belong to.


Mac Heist function is to notify you when a bundle of software is available for purchase at a rediculous price. Meaning that you get a $260 dollar value for $19.95. And proceeds goes to a charity or charities you select. It is one of my favorite sites. I got this product called MacJournal from MacHeist on March 3rd 2010 along with 4 other softwares for $19.95 and the cost of Mac Journal alone was $40.00. No membership fees are required.

I have used it twice and love it. You register and you get an email of the offers.

WARNING: These offers are for a limited time to purchase. Usually 14 days.

The software you purchase is on a separate web page and you get to keep the webpage to download the software anytime. This is legitimate software! You get a ligitimate license for each software purchase. NO Demos only…

This months list include the following: as of March 4th 2010        

  • MacJournal – Ultimate Journal with Password and Blogging
  • RipIt – DVD Ripper                
  • Clips – Copy Paste Clipboard on Steroids with Find        
  • Flow – FTP                
  • CoverScout – Album Covers                
  • *TalesOfMonkeyIsland – Game                
  • *RapidWeaver – Website Builder

One more thing…

The last two items in the list:

  • TalesOfMonkeyIsland – Game
  • RapidWeaver – Website Builder

Are available if over 50,000 bundles of purchase the first 5 for a total of $19.95

Check out the site. Let us know what you think.


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