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Video Training Sites (Steven K James’s recommendations)

December 22, 2010

Here are the sites that I use for Training and Certification.  Some are Free and some cost a Subscription price.  Please contact me if you are interested in the subscription site purchases.  I am a reseller of them.


FREE Training Sites

Dr Dobb’s TV


Channel 9 Videos about the people building Microsoft Products & Services


Subscription Training Sites (Contact me for pricing.  I am a vendor and user of these sites.)

.NET Tutorial Videos from Beginner to Expert  LearnVisualStudio.NET


Microsoft Training at AppDev IT Training, Developer Training, Microsoft Certification Training,


Contact Information:

Or call: 1-800-The-Nerd


ASP.NET Interview with Scott Guthrie

December 22, 2010

Scott Guthrie: The Man Who Created ASP.NET

A Bytes by MSDN interview with ASP.NET creator Scott Guthrie who talks about what’s new in Silverlight 4. Click on video to learn about it on Dr. Dobb’s Microsoft Resource Center.

Picture Resizer 5.0 Application used in an “Right Click/Send” To Application

December 22, 2010


Batch Picture Resize


Advanced PhotoResize.exe settings

This is the area where I used the command line arguments to resize to a specific size of image. 


Example of C# code is:

s is the image location and name: 

Code Snippet
  1. OpenPhotoResize(@"-o " + "-cC:\\ResizedImages\\<PATH><NAME>.jpg " + s);

OpenPhotoResize method is:

f is the parameter that is passed to the PhotoResizer400

Code Snippet
  1. static void OpenPhotoResize(string f)
  2. {
  3.     ProcessStartInfo startInfo = new ProcessStartInfo();
  4.     startInfo.FileName = "C:\\PhotoResize400.exe";
  5.     startInfo.Arguments = f;
  6.     Process.Start(startInfo);
  7. }

Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 (MEL5) – Hands on Labs

December 20, 2010

Microsoft is offering the Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 (MEL5) – Hands on Labs.  This is to instruct you on the features and benefits of MEL5.

Learning by sharing blog has a great description of the features and benefits of the new Enterprise library.


Here is where you download it at: 

It installs by default at:  C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\My Documents\Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 – Hands On Labs\

When you run the program to install the labs you get this screen.


A great option in the install process is that it ask if you wish to install both VB.NET and C#.NET



List of the Hands on Labs it covers:

  • Caching Lab
  • Configuration Sources Lab
  • Cryptography Lab
  • Data Access Lab
  • Exception Handling Lab
  • Interception Lab
  • Security Lab
  • Unity Lab
  • Validation Lab

FREE Virtual CDRom Drive to Read ISO files from Microsoft

December 20, 2010

Virtual CDRom Control Panel is an application that Microsoft created so you could read the ISO files form a virtual CD.

This article discusses it:   Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM  Microsoft Windows

Microsoft released Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel v2.0.1.1, a utility for Windows XP that allows you to create a virtual CD-ROM drive on your computer. This is especially helpful if you have a library of ISO images. If you are a Virtual PC fan, this utility will come in very handy considering you cannot use DVD ISO images within the Virtual PC software.

Let’s begin by downloading the software to a computer of your choice. This utility supports Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home Edition. Next, extract the files to your %systemroot%system32\drivers folder and double-click the VcdControlTool.exe and click Driver Control. Click the Install Driver button and navigate to the %systemroot%system32\drivers folder and choose VcdRom.sys and click Open and Start and OK.

You are now ready to click Add drive in order to add a virtual drive letter. After you click Add Drive, the drive letter appears. Choose Mount to mount your ISO image to the virtual drive letter. You can now use the drive letter as if it is a physical CD-ROM device. When you are finished with the ISO image, choose Eject |Remove Drive | Driver Control| Stop | Remove Driver | OK



APP HUB – Windows Phone 7 app hub FAQ

December 13, 2010

Sign in at:  windows phone my apps

FAQ are at: App Hub – windows phone 7 – frequently asked questions

Check you status at: EUROPA site – Validation

Signing Up as a Developer for Windows Phone 7 Instructions

December 10, 2010

Go to App Hub:

Sign in with your Windows Live account

Go to the Home/Membership drop down and you will get to the Membership screen

Select the Box on the page that says “Join Now” Membership Registration

Then you will be on the Account Creation Screen.  This is the fist step of 4 steps.

The 4 steps are listed below:

Step 1 Choose Account:  You will be asked if you are an Individual, Company, or Student

Step 2 Account Details

Step 3 Payment:  $99/year. 

NOTE:  There is a special till December 31st that if you create 2 programs for the Market Place you get a $99 credit.

Step 4 Confirmation


That’s it. 

Good Luck

Steven K James, 1-800-The-Nerd, Inc.

1-800-The-Nerd (800-843-6373)

App Hub: Develop for Windows Phone and Xbox 360

December 10, 2010

Great Video at:

This video describes the components needed to build apps for Browser, Phone, and Desktop

  1. Visual Studio
  2. Microsoft .NET
  3. Expression Blend 4
  4. Silverlight
  5. Browser, Phone, Desktop
  6. Cloud with Azure

Then if you replace Silverlight with XNA you get Phone, Desktop and Xbox

  1. Visual Studio
  2. Microsoft .NET
  3. Expression Blend 4
  4. XNA
  5. Phone, Desktop and Xbox

Expression Blend 4.0 Mockup Controls

December 2, 2010

Open Expression Blend 4.0 and go to Samples Tab and select the “MockupDemonstrations” item in the Samples list.

Once you have selected the “MockupDemonstrations” item in the Samples list you get the following screens.

The web resources for this is  in the following locations:








Installing Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 msi file

December 2, 2010


The msi package is downloaded from

I renamed it from Enterprise Library 5.0.msi to Enterprise Library 5.0 April 2010.msi


Then run the msi package:

Example: S:\public\VB.NET Standards and Help\Enterprise Library\Enterprise Library 5.0 April 2010.msi

Answer default yes to all questions. 

It will install on the following local drive (c:):

  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0



Go to the Microsoft Patterns and Practice Home Page:

See the “Design with Data” Video found on:

An article to read regarding with “Designing with Data”

A Practical Guide to Designing with data. A book by Brian Suda, published by Five Simple Steps

Never In Doubt by Ward Bell : Never In Doubt a blog that states:

Often wrong but never in doubt … an opinionated romp through .NET