New Features of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)

Below is a breakdown of a video that Microsoft released on the web…

There has been a release candidate (RC) of IE9 this week.  We thought you might want to know some of them.

1. Pin Sites with multiple web pages.  Now you can have a pin site for Social Media, one for Finance, one for Hobbies, etc…

2. Tab placement.  With 2 clicks you can put your tabs on its own line in the browser, reducing clutter.

3. Close tab by clicking on the X(close).  You do not have to navigate to the page by picking the tab first.

4.  Highlight some words in your browser and copy them then by pressing ctrl-shift-L to have the browser search for that text.

5.  More browser space and less header space.  This allows the browser to be thought more as an application.  Less is best.


Over 25 million downloads have been for IE9(RC). 

It works on Windows 7.

It core is HTML 5.

Very fast graphics.


To get the latest version of Internet Explorer 9, visit:


Enjoy… SKJ


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