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Windows Live Writer 2011 Installation

January 6, 2011

Go to the Windows Live Writer 2011 Web Site and select the Download now Button.  image


You get the following dialog box.  Select the Run Button.



Mac Heist – Bundled Software for Less Than $20!

March 4, 2010

The Mac Heist Website

If your looking for current software for the Mac at a bargain basement price then the Mac Heist website is a great website to belong to.


Mac Heist function is to notify you when a bundle of software is available for purchase at a rediculous price. Meaning that you get a $260 dollar value for $19.95. And proceeds goes to a charity or charities you select. It is one of my favorite sites. I got this product called MacJournal from MacHeist on March 3rd 2010 along with 4 other softwares for $19.95 and the cost of Mac Journal alone was $40.00. No membership fees are required.

I have used it twice and love it. You register and you get an email of the offers.

WARNING: These offers are for a limited time to purchase. Usually 14 days.

The software you purchase is on a separate web page and you get to keep the webpage to download the software anytime. This is legitimate software! You get a ligitimate license for each software purchase. NO Demos only…

This months list include the following: as of March 4th 2010        

  • MacJournal – Ultimate Journal with Password and Blogging
  • RipIt – DVD Ripper                
  • Clips – Copy Paste Clipboard on Steroids with Find        
  • Flow – FTP                
  • CoverScout – Album Covers                
  • *TalesOfMonkeyIsland – Game                
  • *RapidWeaver – Website Builder

One more thing…

The last two items in the list:

  • TalesOfMonkeyIsland – Game
  • RapidWeaver – Website Builder

Are available if over 50,000 bundles of purchase the first 5 for a total of $19.95

Check out the site. Let us know what you think.